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It’s All About The Memories

It arrived in the mail today from France, and a wave of nostalgia waved over me while ripping off the plastic wrapping as a distinct scent hit my nostrils.  The scent immediately reminded me of fresh new yearbooks at the end of the school year.  Back then I couldn’t wait to flip through those pages containing all the greatest memories of the year, and I certainly didn’t wait to jump into “All Gone: The Finest of Street Culture 2012” today.


Just like our yearbooks, “All Gone” features something for every stereotype in school plus so much more!











and my personal favorite, MEAN GIRLS:



Now there’s no way I would ever be able to acquire everything in this book just like I don’t talk to about 90% of my high school friends, but years from now I know I’ll enjoy flipping through memories.  Now if I could just get all the designers/collaborators/artists to sign my All Gone yearbook!

Red book limited to 750 copies and already sold out online.  Black limited to 1250 copies and can still be purchased here.

I’ll Drink To That

Goose is always my vodka of choice even though it can cost me around $12 at the bar compared to a simple $7 “vodka soda.”  But when I spotted these Absolut Unique vodka bottles I knew I just had to have one simply because it’s limited.  Though 4 million will be produced; each bottle is one-of-a-kind, 1 of 1, and numbered!  The splatter effects and color combos make for great artistic display, plus I’ll never feel guilty that I drank the contents (like I did with our limited edition Futura x Hennessy bottle. Whoops!)

Only thing is they were slated to be released this past September or October, but I have yet to find any in stores or online. Let me know if you guys spot any for sale!

Check pics and video below:

Content and pics via Absolut Vodka