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Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Oh What?!?!

Super excited to announce that Because It’s Limited has been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by frombeauty2fashion!  I started this blog as a creative outlet and place for us to chronicle all our limited edition obsessions, but never dreamed we’d get recognition in the measly two months since we started.  So thank you to all our readers and especially Shali at for the nomination!


Here we are fulfilling the req’s for the award:

7 Things about us:

  1. Because It’s Limited is written by two friends, jensTHATgirl & alathing, who have been obsessed with rare, exclusive, limited, and innovative things ever since we can remember.
  2. jensTHATgirl: I push drugs and give sponge baths for a living: I’m a registered nurse.
  3. jensTHATgirl: I’m currently attempting to make jewelry for fun and secretly hoping it’ll become something more
  4. jensTHATgirl: I have a crazy obsession for Kanye West.  I know he’s eccentric and is often portrayed as an asshole, but musically I think he is a creative genius and truly inspires me.  Besides, can you name one great/influential artist who wasn’t a little off (i.e. Elvis, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Whitney Houston, etc)
  5. alathing: Laces spectacles for people daily.
  6. alathing: sz11s…send em my way!
  7. alathing: Has a less crazy obsession for Kanye West. G.O.O.D. Music!

15 other blogs we find inspiring. Be sure to check them out!

  1. We Are So Droee: fashion spreads and art from around the world
  2. Emorfes: amazing photos and art
  3. Work/Play/Polish: “life through manicures” and her nails are impeccable
  4. Honestly WTF: honestly amazing and great DIY inspirations
  5. STREETFSN: street fashion to the fullest. no words. just pictures. and it’s all SO good
  6. All Yeezy Everything: period.
  7. The Beauty Department: great beauty tips and tricks
  8. Design Mom: if only I could be so amazing when I have kids
  9. Street Art News: the world is our canvas
  10. Fresh Off the Boat: and Watch some of Eddie’s Huang’s Vice or YouTube episodes, pretty good stuff.
  11. OG “Streetwear” blog, blogging about streetwear before it was actually streetwear.
  12. Got ‘Em Coach: Sports w/ a touch of Lakers homerism.
  13. Saved by the Bell X Kanye West, nuff said!
  14. BBC/Ice Cream Blog:  Take a glimpse into Pharell’s world.
  15. There were few before, and many after.  One of the original Nike Forums since ’99.

Now you have a little glimpse into our lives.  Hope you keep reading even if you disagree with our obsession for Yeezy.  Thanks again to for the nomination!

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i recently had a freak out.  it was bad.  i screamed out loud at no one in particular and punched my balled up fists repeatedly into the couch.

the nike sky high dunk wedges i had been wanting and checking for daily had already sold out, and i had somehow missed the boat. they had been available in europe for sometime and had just been released in the u.s.

there was a deep feeling of sadness inside me, and then i suddenly started to feel guilty.

why did it bother me so much that i missed out on a pair of shoes when there are so many more awful things going on in the world? why do i spend hours obsessing over things online? why do i walk away from the sales person who says “it’s really popular, everyone’s getting it”?  why do i spend my hard earned money on sometimes “ugly” or “useless” things?

you guessed it…

because it’s limited!

i don’t know how many times my family and friends have heard me repeat this phrase and watched me agonize over wanting something so badly. so here i start this blog as a chronicle of limited edition, rare, one of a kind items i yearn for and most likely will never attain;  but at least i’ll have a one stop shop to turn to for all my coveted limited editions.