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Commes Goes Classic

Rei Kawakubo

Rei Kawakubo


2012 Hermes Silk Twill Scarves

2012 Hermes Silk Twill Scarves

Eccentric Commes de Garcon designer, Rei Kawakubo, is set to design two series of silk scarves for the famed French fashion house, Hermes.  The first release will consist of black and white designs called Noir et Blanc, and the Couleur collection will obviously be more vibrant and patterned.

I usually love when classic meets crazy, so I’m really excited to see the designs come February 2013.

Basso & Brooke X Cambridge Satchel Company

Who didn’t want a Cambridge satchel when they first started popping up all over blogs and on celebrity shoulders? I think the neon collection was probably the biggest hit; but no, I still didn’t grab any of those despite the low price points.  And now I’m so glad I waited.

The UK based masters of digital prints Basso & Brooke have teamed up with the Cambridge Satchel Company to produce 3 limited edition leather satchels.  Only 100 units of each bag were made, and all are covered in the duo’s amazing power prints from their A/W 2012 collection.  I think the combination of classic structured leather and modern digital imagery is what makes these so perfect.

Lagoon Special 11″  approx. $230

Geo 126 13″ approx. $315

Lagoon 14″ approx. $347

How amazing are their prints?  If you’re lucky enough to get one, be sure to expect a plethora of envious stares and inquiries.

All are available for pre-order now via Basso & Brooke


Hot Girls In Headphones

Stumbled upon these amazing illustrations by Yanni Floros of Girls With Headphones

Seriously wishing I could draw hair like that. I especially love how they’re all so beautiful even though we don’t get to see the girls’ faces. Prints are limited to 50 and can be purchased here.

via We are so Droee

Giving Never Looked So Good

Here’s your chance to give the gift that literally keeps on giving, and all the while doing it in style.  One Kings Lane and a selection of 7 designers; including Rachel Zoe, Simon Doonan, Alice+Olivia, Rachel Roy, and Lela Rose;  have collaborated to create a limited collection of designer gift wrap with proceeds benefitting the charities of their choice.

For $15 you get a set of 3 designer gift-wrap rolls consisting of 8 sheets per roll.  Plus while you’re bringing the most stylishly wrapped gifts to the party, you’re also helping those in need this holiday season.

Sales start November 14 with Rachel Zoe.  Check a few sneak peaks from the collection below…

Rachel Zoe for Save the Children November 14

Simon Doonan for Lower East Side Girl’s Club November 28

Lela Rose for The Edible Schoolyard Project November 28


Rachel Roy for OrphanAid Africa December 3


I’m really loving Lela Rose and Rachel Zoe’s collections, and looking forward to seeing what the other designers have to offer.  Also, since the designs are not necessarily holiday themed, the wraps can be used year round for any occasion or even framed as artwork for your walls!

Sign up with One Kings Lane to get notified of releases!

pics via Elle

A KAWS To Move?

The Lakers won last night, L.A. All Day, “To live and die in L.A.” like 2Pac said, and all that good stuff; but there are just some things that really make me wish I lived New York.  This is one of them…


This 3-Car S Train wrapped with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade campaign by graffiti artist KAWS travels exclusively between Grand Central and Times Square.  Wouldn’t riding this train make your trip to work just a little bit brighter?  Sadly the use of public transit is as rare as walking in L.A.; so yeah, I feel like moving to NYC right about now.

Check for a great post discussing how far we have come from the days of erasing graffiti from subways.


I’ll Drink To That

Goose is always my vodka of choice even though it can cost me around $12 at the bar compared to a simple $7 “vodka soda.”  But when I spotted these Absolut Unique vodka bottles I knew I just had to have one simply because it’s limited.  Though 4 million will be produced; each bottle is one-of-a-kind, 1 of 1, and numbered!  The splatter effects and color combos make for great artistic display, plus I’ll never feel guilty that I drank the contents (like I did with our limited edition Futura x Hennessy bottle. Whoops!)

Only thing is they were slated to be released this past September or October, but I have yet to find any in stores or online. Let me know if you guys spot any for sale!

Check pics and video below:

Content and pics via Absolut Vodka

Not Your Everyday Jean

I have been a long time fan of artist James Jean, and even spent all my savings one day to purchase his limited edition Prada Fairy Bag.  So I was both horrified and elated when I happened upon his line of jewelry, objects, textiles, and prints with OVM. Horrified that it had taken me this long to find it despite my endless hours on the internet, and elated that from now on I would never miss his upcoming works.

Speaking of upcoming, James Jean/OVM for BLITZ Lane Crawford just released today! I cannot emphasize enough how much I am obsessed with everything on the site.  Sadly, I would have to file for bankruptcy if I fulfilled my dreams this time around.

See slideshow for pics of some sold out limited editions AND some still available. Get it if you can!


credits: arrested motion

Kinda Like A Wallflower, But In A Good Way

While searching for jewelry inspirations, I accidentally click-click-clicked my way onto Brook&Lyn.  Her jewelry pieces are so unique and creative, yet somehow simple at the same time.  Even better yet, she creates these amazing limited edition, one-of-a-kind weavings that would make any bare wall the center of attention. You can even have one commissioned!

from the “surrounded” collection


Being limited edition applies to so much more than material things.

This weekend I attended an event hosted by Behind the Hustle at the Nike Montalban in Los Angeles. If you don’t know,

Behind The Hustle™ is a career development project designed by Creative Contraband to help young adults find work in unique industries. Our goal is to bring influencers and executives in these fields to young adults beginning their careers in order to teach, inspire, and hire.

They are basically encouraging and guiding young individuals on how to create their own paths to fulfill their dreams and make a living off of it too!  There is nothing more limited than creating your own life experiences (including wins AND failures) to help you attain your goals. I must admit I currently have chosen the path frequently traveled, but  I honestly haven’t felt this inspired in a long time and I probably just needed something like this to kick me in the ass.

the panel consisting of Jacques Slade, Jason Markk, & Fran Marchello

Fran’s collection of super limited SB Nikes

$50,000 worth of kicks!

Please check Behind the Hustle for yourself!


Speaking of young individuals doing what they love and making it, I also had the privilege of attending photographer Ja Tecson‘s first show that same night at Kicks Sole Provider in Brentwood.  Some of my shoddy photos of his photos:

featuring graf artist Gypsyone

limited edition skate decks by Ja Tecson & Norm Will Rise


And if you weren’t inspired enough already… check these Top 10 Inspiring Jay-Z Quotes 

get it! (maybe i’m just telling this to myself)

an eye on louis v

just when you started to think your speedy was played, marc jacobs once again decides to step up his l.v. game and join forces with famous street/graf artist RETNA.  though just rumors as of now, a mural by RETNA on the Miami Design District Louis Vuitton storefront are keeping my hopes high.

it may just look like lines but really spells out “louis vuitton”!

if this collab truly happens and it’s anything like the stephen sprouse collection, i will definitely be on it. crossing fingers!!!

p.s. just realized i linked that sprouse l.v. on malleries and kinda really wanna buy it now! ahhhh!

via: freshnessmag