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It’s All About The Memories

It arrived in the mail today from France, and a wave of nostalgia waved over me while ripping off the plastic wrapping as a distinct scent hit my nostrils.  The scent immediately reminded me of fresh new yearbooks at the end of the school year.  Back then I couldn’t wait to flip through those pages containing all the greatest memories of the year, and I certainly didn’t wait to jump into “All Gone: The Finest of Street Culture 2012” today.


Just like our yearbooks, “All Gone” features something for every stereotype in school plus so much more!











and my personal favorite, MEAN GIRLS:



Now there’s no way I would ever be able to acquire everything in this book just like I don’t talk to about 90% of my high school friends, but years from now I know I’ll enjoy flipping through memories.  Now if I could just get all the designers/collaborators/artists to sign my All Gone yearbook!

Red book limited to 750 copies and already sold out online.  Black limited to 1250 copies and can still be purchased here.

Nike HTM Flyknit Chukka

The already amazing Nike Flyknit technology has once again been taken to a higher level.

Fits like a glove sock


Lunarlon sole


Decreased environmental impact due to less waste/materials


Hiroshi Fujiwara (Nike style embassador)


Tinker Hatfield (Nike design legend)


Mark Parker (Nike CEO/designer)




closer to heaven with every step you take.

Nike HTM Flyknit Chukka

Nike HTM Flyknit Chukka



Available in grey/blue or grey/white with speckled Lunarlon soles.  Coming this February to select retailers around the world including Nike Stadium Milan, Nike Stadium Paris and 1948 in London. And of course everything HTM is limited, but I’m actually hoping for a general release of this style because I desperately want to rock these.


Zoom Kobe 8

Every Christmas for the past few seasons, the new Nike Zoom Kobe Bryant Signature Shoe has officially debuted on Christmas Day.  The NBA has Christmas games all day now,  however, back then they only featured one or two games.  With the Lakers being one of the marquee teams in the NBA, and even in worldwide sports, they play 99.9999% of the time on Xmas.  And with us being LA Laker homers, we had to feature this years Kobe XMas edition.  As with the previous four signature Kobe shoes, two pairs release at Xmas.  One is a blk/yellow colorway that sees a general release, while there is the more limited wacky XMas themed shoe Kobe will wear for the Xmas game.  Of course we’ll show you the more “limited” colorway!  The new model comes in at svelte 9.6 oz (which rivals the weight for running shoes).  The shoe features an interchangeable Lunarlon insole, with an upper made of engineered mesh.  The XMas edition comes with an upper that has been “inspired” by Christmas Lights!  They drop XMas morning at select online retailers and Nike accounts..  Don’t blink, because these will be gone in seconds!KOBE_8_Sketch2_detail KOBE_8_Sketch3_detail nike-kobe-8-christmas-02-570x378 nike-kobe-8-christmas-05-570x378 nike-kobe-8-christmas-08-570x378 nike-kobe-8-system-christmas

More info here:


A Resting Place For Your Nike Heads

You’ve probably figured out by now that I’m a chick that’s into sneakers, especially Nikes. This love started way back in the 80s and 90s. Back before the $600 Isabel Marant wedge sneaker and back before Balenciaga or Lanvin started studding and snake skinning them up. My first true loves were the Air Max: AM1, 90, 95, 97, the list goes on and on but I don’t want to bore you with my stories of romance and heartache. Then of course you can’t be a true sneaker fiend without some J’s; the III’s being my personal favorites.
Fast forward to today. Retros here, there and everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love that the classics are coming back around for the young generations to appreciate, but dare I say it’s getting a little played?
Thank goodness the design geniuses at MSTRPLN have come up with the solution. A new twist on our beloved Nike classics that only true enthusiasts would recognize at first glance.

Introducing the Minimal Sneaker Project Throw Pillows by MSTRPLN followed by pics of their sneaker inspirations:

MSTRPLN Minimal Sneaker Project Throw Pillow "95"

MSTRPLN Minimal Sneaker Project Throw Pillow “95”

Air Max '95

Air Max ’95

MSTRPLN Minimal Sneaker Project Throw Pillow "90"

MSTRPLN Minimal Sneaker Project Throw Pillow “90”

Air Max '90

Air Max ’90 Infrared

MSTRPLN Minimal Sneaker Project Throw Pillow "FOAM"

MSTRPLN Minimal Sneaker Project Throw Pillow “FOAM”

Nike Foamposite One

Nike Foamposite One

MSTRPLN Minimal Sneaker Project Throw Pillow "SAFARI"

MSTRPLN Minimal Sneaker Project Throw Pillow “SAFARI”

Nike Safari AM1

Nike Safari AM1

MSTRPLN Minimal Sneaker Project Throw Pillow "III"

MSTRPLN Minimal Sneaker Project Throw Pillow “III”

Air Jordan III

Air Jordan III

MSTRPLN Minimal Sneaker Project Throw Pillow "V"

MSTRPLN Minimal Sneaker Project Throw Pillow “V”

Air Jordan V

Air Jordan V

(That last pillow is called “V,” but I personally think it reminds me more of the Jordan IV’s)

Air Jordan IV

Air Jordan IV

Simply nostalgic! Pillows range between $20-$35 and can be purchased here.

pics via MSTRPLN, hypbeast, nicekicks
Source: djStumix

Doernbecher Nike+ FuelBand

Get your Fuel Points up son!  You may or may not have heard this in the last year or so.  Nike dropped a great motivating tool to help you shed those extra lbs early spring ’12.  The purpose of the Nike+ FuelBand is to calculate “Fuel” based upon daily activities.  Activities aren’t limited to running, jogging, calisthenics, aerobics, p90x, insanity, crossfit, etc.  Everything adds up to fuel…skating, mall walking, ballin, making it rain at fine gentleman’s establishments, walking to the h2o cooler in the office, etc., it all counts.  You set your daily goal, and once your goal is hit, HOORAY!  Seeing those points add up to your goal can get motivating, especially at the end of the day.  You may find yourself doing 100 jumping jacks at 11:59pm to hit that goal!  You can also link it to your iPhone/iPod or android mobile, while keeping up with your FuelBand compadres through your social network.  The FuelBand has already released in the 3 colors, however this special little guy is part of the Doernbecher Charity Series, and features a two tone blk/blue band with corresponding blue LEDs.  Will this be a sign for more FuelBand collabos to come?  Like the shoes, the FuelBand will have proceeds going to the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, and will be a limited release found 11/30/12 at the following locations: Nikestore.com, Nike Portland, Nike NYC, and 21 Mercer. Get your points up son!

Up to date 411 here.

Doernbecher X Nike

Scroll down…crazy shoes right?  Who would wear such wacky sneakers, I would never buy/wear such things!  But what if I told you these shoes were designed by kids and proceeds were going to charity?  Now scroll down again…not so bad, eh?  Originally started in 2004, the Doernbecher Freestyle was started by Michael Doherty, Nike’s Creative Director of Global Brand Presentations, and designer Marcus Tayui (of Co.Jp, OG Nike SB, and QS/Tier1 fame) to raise funds for the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.  Marcus envisioned using the assistance of patients in the hospital to aide in the design process.  2012 marks the 9th edition of the Freestyle, with over 4 million dollars benefiting the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.  A release date has been set for 11/30/12!



More info HERE

Nike Women’s S/S 2013 Preview

Thanks to the lucky ladies of HighSnobette I can share this exclusive preview of the Nike Women’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.

I want all of this:


Featuring U.S. soccer star Alex Morgan and Olympic gold medal sprinter Allyson Felix, the entire lookbook can be previewed here.


If you’re obsessed with limited edition products as much as I am, you already know the concept of NIKEiD is pretty much as limited as it gets.  Pick any shoe, choose your own color and fabric combinations, then run off and floss your 1 of 1 sneaker creation.  Yes Nike has blessed us with this pretty amazing creative opportunity, yet sometimes they still maintain control and say things like, “no you can’t have a gray cement swoosh,” or “sorry that overlay can’t be done in nubuck.” Sigh.

Well it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief because for the month of November only, NIKEiD is featuring the AF1 high and low with a glow in the dark option that can be applied to ANY OR ALL parts of the shoe!


AF1 Highs

Now you can stand out from the crowd in daylight or darkness.

Get creative here. Pics via


I know you’re thinking you need II purrs, who wears AF1s anymore, and they’re weak (last weak).  But the AF1 is an iconic shoe that’s been a staple for many, many years.  Before your Jordans, SBs, Air Max’s, Vans, Ronnie Fieg Asics, or Supras, there was the AF1.  When they initially dropped, it was one of the most, if not the most technically advanced basketball shoe.  Being a fan of the co.jp’s, Eurocans, 90s LEs, and various AF1s over the years, my biggest gripe has always been the uncomfortableness of the XXX year old technology.  Fast forward to the XXX anniversary, the white on white, aka the blanco y blanco gets a tech upgrade.  Hyperfuse upper with the Lunarlon sole (same Lunarlon foam tech found in Kostons, Lunarglides, Roshes, etc).  Decrease in weight…check!  Comfier sole…check!  Slated to release 12.12.12, copped?

Pics from MN