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A KAWS To Move?

The Lakers won last night, L.A. All Day, “To live and die in L.A.” like 2Pac said, and all that good stuff; but there are just some things that really make me wish I lived New York.  This is one of them…


This 3-Car S Train wrapped with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade campaign by graffiti artist KAWS travels exclusively between Grand Central and Times Square.  Wouldn’t riding this train make your trip to work just a little bit brighter?  Sadly the use of public transit is as rare as walking in L.A.; so yeah, I feel like moving to NYC right about now.

Check 12ozprophet.com for a great post discussing how far we have come from the days of erasing graffiti from subways.


Living My Life Like It’s Golden

When Italian chic and Cali cool meet, a golden child is born.

These lenses are killing it!

ImageSuper by RetroSuperFuture X Conveyor at Fred Segal Los Angeles



Exclusively at Conveyor

Limited to 30 per style!!!

Maybe everything and everyone will look prettier through gold colored lenses