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A Shot In The Dark

‘Tis the season for holiday party hopping. Whether it be with coworkers, family, or friends good times are guaranteed, but so is a little (or a lot of) drama. You know you want to have a good time, but let’s be serious you don’t want your boss or religious Aunt Remy seeing you down that second martini and thinking you’re a lush.
What better way to secretly take the edge off than Cynthia Rowley’s Flask Bangle! How simply genius/gorgeous is this???




One question remains… How many vodka filled bangles can you wear per wrist before you can’t lift your arms?

Purchase here for your favorite party girl.

Diet Starts Monday

Popped into the market this week with every intention of buying kale and celery to juice. Not really sure how I found myself in the freezer section, but ended up coming home with two pints of ice cream and left the veggies at the store.  Let me tell you, this is not just any ice cream.  It’s extra creamy, high butterfat containing, super premium Haagen-Dazs Limited Edition ice cream.

The two flavors I picked up were Blueberry Crumble and Vanilla Bean Espresso.



Every so often Haagen-Dazs releases some limited edition or “reserve” flavors.  Some I could live without, but others I wish were put into the permanent rotation (such as Hawaiin Lehua Honey & Sweet Cream which I bought about 10 pints of in 2008).  This year they released 5 limited edition flavors that fit in with the holidays.

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 10.38.06 PMBlueberry Crumble is my favorite so far as you can see from the pic above.  I haven’t tasted any other ice cream quite like it, and it’s like having pie a la mode all in one!  Vanilla Bean Espresso is also super delish because Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Bean is pretty much the only vanilla ice cream I enjoy and I can’t live without my daily cup of espresso.

Think I’m gonna go finish the rest of that pint, and can’t wait to try to other flavors too.  I suggest you run out and grab some because they are definitely worth the calories.

Water is Life is Love

One of my favorite designers who truly knows how to flatter a woman’s body is Diane von Furstenberg who has now used her talents to “dress” a limited edition bottle for Evian water.  Bottle shapes can be similar to women’s bodies, and I must say her clear and simple design for the 750ml bottle truly makes it beautiful.



Bottles will be available November 5th on the Evian website and will be a very chic accessory to refill and carry to work.

Content via Elle




I’ll Drink To That

Goose is always my vodka of choice even though it can cost me around $12 at the bar compared to a simple $7 “vodka soda.”  But when I spotted these Absolut Unique vodka bottles I knew I just had to have one simply because it’s limited.  Though 4 million will be produced; each bottle is one-of-a-kind, 1 of 1, and numbered!  The splatter effects and color combos make for great artistic display, plus I’ll never feel guilty that I drank the contents (like I did with our limited edition Futura x Hennessy bottle. Whoops!)

Only thing is they were slated to be released this past September or October, but I have yet to find any in stores or online. Let me know if you guys spot any for sale!

Check pics and video below:

Content and pics via Absolut Vodka