Holiday 2012 Is Looking Good

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Christmas songs playing 24/7 on my local radio station, gingerbread lattes at Starbucks, festive store window displays… these are a few of my favorite things come winter season; but none of them come close to my anticipation of Limited Edition Holiday Makeup Collections. Each year our favorite cosmetics companies release new and limited combinations of shadows, glosses, blushes, and liners all wrapped up in beautifully designed holiday packaging. Despite the amount of makeup I already own, I usually falter and buy a few different palettes swearing they are gifts but never actually giving them away. Plus, the palette combinations are always perfect and easy choices for those holiday trips and parties. My favorites from this holiday season:

Too pretty to pass up!!!

P.S. I slipped and purchased almost the entire NARS X Andy Warhol collection. I couldn’t resist and opened all the boxes. Anyway, though the colors may seem intimidating they’re actually very wearable, and I have been using them exclusively for the past two weeks. Especially the Beautiful Darling Set – I suggest you get it!


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