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i recently had a freak out.  it was bad.  i screamed out loud at no one in particular and punched my balled up fists repeatedly into the couch.

the nike sky high dunk wedges i had been wanting and checking for daily had already sold out, and i had somehow missed the boat. they had been available in europe for sometime and had just been released in the u.s.

there was a deep feeling of sadness inside me, and then i suddenly started to feel guilty.

why did it bother me so much that i missed out on a pair of shoes when there are so many more awful things going on in the world? why do i spend hours obsessing over things online? why do i walk away from the sales person who says “it’s really popular, everyone’s getting it”?  why do i spend my hard earned money on sometimes “ugly” or “useless” things?

you guessed it…

because it’s limited!

i don’t know how many times my family and friends have heard me repeat this phrase and watched me agonize over wanting something so badly. so here i start this blog as a chronicle of limited edition, rare, one of a kind items i yearn for and most likely will never attain;  but at least i’ll have a one stop shop to turn to for all my coveted limited editions.

What do you think?

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